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~ Thursday, January 27, 2005

Familiar animal and bird-related joke and novelty items:

1 rubber chicken (po-mo pet)
2 goofy drinking bird (bobs till it takes a drink)
3 egg-laying chicken (press head and hey presto)
4 cat soap (which grows creepy hair)
5 two-legged furry spider (wind up and it runs)
6 donkey cigarette dispenser (press ears, cig appears from back end)
7 fake fly (for hiding in sugar bowl)
8 nodding dog (for back seat of car)
9 warbling bird (whistle toy)
10 cow in a can (turn over for moo noise)
11 jointed snake (wiggles when held at tail end)
12 jumping bugs (push-down sucker and spring novelties)
13 smoking monkey (blows cordite smoke rings)
14 snakes in a can (open can and they zoom out)
15 fortune telling fish (red cellophane Xmas cracker special)

....and three live-action favourites:

1 ant farm
2 sea monkeys (warning: not really monkeys)
3 Mexican jumping beans (beware ball-bearing copies)

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