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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, January 06, 2005


Do 'some guys have all the luck'? Vit Q tests out the well-known saying:

Guy Fawkes
LUCK: everyone remembers him once a year at bonfire time
LACK: was a red-headed Yorkshireman, also tortured horribly for three days before being executed by hanging, drawing and quartering

Guy Forget
LUCK: born in exotic Casablanca; beat Sampras to win the Davis Cup for France; once the number 4 tennis player in the world
LACK: underachieving French tennis star; 'immortalised' in song by dodgy band Phish; hair gone to heaven; journalists wrote headlines like 'Forgettable'

Guy Chambers
LUCK: worth a few quid after writing big hit songs for Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Kylie etc
LACK: own pop career not exactly torchlike; can't think what he looks like, but I sure can hum 'Angels', which isn't always a good thing

Guy the Gorilla
LUCK: much-loved inhabitant of London Zoo in the 60s and 70s
LACK: died from a heart attack after having a tooth pulled out in his late 30s; had his name stolen as a nickname for 'plain-speaking' cricket ape Ian Botham

Guy Pearce
LUCK: craggy Aussie actor who has starred in well-received films over the last decade and scored high in 'sexiest actor' polls
LACK: just don't remind him that in UK and Oz, he is still best known as dorky dog-loving Mike in daytime soap Neighbours

Guy Ritchie
LUCK: became a film director and married Madonna
LACK: married Madonna and became a film director

Guy Burgess
LUCK: British spy, recruited by the Russians at Cambridge, part of the 'glamorous' mid-century 'fourth man' etc set
LACK: a boozer, he tended to get beaten about at his all-male parties; hated Russia, where he had to spend 12 years before dying relatively young

Guy de Maupassant
LUCK: thought to be one of the best story writers of all time
LACK: a syphilis sufferer from an early age, he went slowly mad and eventually cut his own throat in his early 40s, dying the next year

Guy Gibson
LUCK: in the early 40s, undertook triumphant lecture tour of the USA, having lead Bomber Command on the Dambusters Raid, one of the great successes of WWII
LACK: returning to service soon after, his plane crashed in the Netherlands on a relatively minor raid

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