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~ Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Slang words for tourists:

1 rosbifs – French word for English tourists: from the meat-pink colour they insist on turning in the continental sunshine
2 grockles – mildly insulting name used for tourists in the SW of England, especially in Cornwall and Devon
3 bennies – used in the resorts of New Jersey for summer visitors (conversely, this word is sometimes used in the UK for 'country bumpkins', adapted from the name of a dim character in a 1970s soap opera)
4 pilgrims – used in a derogatory sense in Alaska for unprepared tourists
5 haole – Hawaiian term for 'breathless' which has become a word (sometimes derogatory, depending on context) for a tourist or any non-Hawaiian
6 cumfers – word used by North Yorkshire folks for visitors from more industrial SouthYorkshire, as in 'wiv cumfer us 'olidays' ('we've come for our holidays')
7 farang – Thai word, derived from 'foreigner' which is used for white-skinned visitors to the country (also the Thai word for guava)
8 fudgies – Michigan word for visitors, who apparently like to empty the local gift shops of nicely packaged sweetmeats
9 shoobies – this word refers to visitors who wear shoes on the beach and is used for tourists in some parts of the US
10 Clevelands – according to a Michelle Shocked song, this is the New Orleans term for scammable tourists
11 minga – Aboriginal word for tourists, from the name of a type of ant; in SW England, the word emmet, also meaning ant, is sometimes applied to visitors
12 leaf-peepers – term used for those who head off to New England to see the famed autumn foliage
13 loopies – New Zealand term, especially for those foreign visitors who 'loop' round the country's islands
14 guiri – Spanish term for tourists or incomers, with a complex and debatable origin (also giddy / gidi)
15 flatlanders – used in Vermont for nature-seeking city-dwellers
16 snowbirds – used in Southern USA, eg Florida, for tourists who head South to seek warmth

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