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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Friday, January 07, 2005


Dylan Dog, the hero of the hugely popular Italian horror comic book series, is famously successful with women. Any Vitamin Q readers tempted by a fling with this (or any other)"investigator of nightmares" might care to consider the unfortunate endings of some of his past conquests:

1) Sabrina (crop-haired romantic novelist); skewered by a stalagmite hurled by a demonic inquisitor in a medieval world of her own invention (I cavalieri del tempo)
2) Plenty (elfin creator of horror comics); squashed under a statue by Dylan himself, after coming at him with a knife in the British Museum (La mummia)
3) Banshee (unlucky freckle-faced Irishwoman); drank strychnine after discovering she was made of antimatter (La fata del male)
4) Opal (always hooded to hide the effects of a disfiguring yet immortalising virus); left by Dylan in Inverary, a twilight zone which then ceased to exist (Ritorno del crepuscolo)
5) Lisa (glamorous dark-haired moll); tortured to death by her power-crazed boyfriend for fraternising with Dylan beyond the call of duty (Presenze…)
6) Betty (improbably busty blonde); left behind in the cartoon world drawn by her former husband (Il paese delle ombre colorate)
7) Lillie (redhaired Irish terrorist with natty green cap*); either died on hunger strike while imprisoned, or was condemned to death -- take your pick (Finche morte non vi separi)
8) Melanie (sultry brunette bank worker); slipped into a parallel dimension where her relationship with Dylan had never happened, and stayed there. (Gente che scompare)
9) Kelly (tousle-haired blonde hysteric); killed by Dylan with a kitchen knife after coming at him with a scalpel in the dark (Il buio)
10) Colleen (lipsticked older woman with big earrings); accidentally but fatally stabbed by electric carving knife which she was using in a kitchen attack on Dylan (La regina delle tenebre)

*This was a special anniversary edition, printed in colour

Source: list by Nina (thanks) Dylan Dog was created by Tiziano Sclavi and modelled on the
English actor Rupert Everett

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