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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Vitamin Q is a sort-of-blog run by London-based poet and puzzle writer Roddy Lumsden. For two and a half years, I've been posting trivia lists and linguistic oddities. The items tend to connect to my interests which include literature, pop music, nature and words. The archive to the left contains the equivalent of a 700 page book. Enjoy browsing.

Talking of books, the first volume of Vit Q in book form was published by Chambers a few months ago. 350 pages of wonder - including lots of stuff never on the site. You can buy it (inexpensively and securely) by clicking on the link, top left, or at etc (it's STILL not available yet on - soon I hope). The book has been widely praised on radio and in newspapers and was selected as book of the month by BBC's The Culture Show.

I'm always happy to hear from readers with comments, corrections and suggestions (again, see link, top left). Anyone wanting an RSS feed for Vitamin Q can now find it here.

Anyway, lots of new stuff below (been in a Vit Q mood tonight)...


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