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~ Tuesday, February 08, 2005

In the heyday of Hollywood, studios would look out for actors who looked, sounded or acted like current stars. They were employed by rival studios or even by the star's own studio (to keep them on their toes). Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion lists several of these 'lookalikes', a few of whom became quite well-known:

Deanna Durbin (lookalike: Gloria Jean)
Clark Gable (John Carroll)
Marlene Dietrich (Anna Sten)
Ronald Colman (Brian Aherne)
Errol Flynn (Patric Knowles)
John Garfield (Dane Clark)
Rudolph Valentino (Antonio Moreno / Richardo Cortez)
Ingrid Bergman (Viveca Lindfors)
Freddie Bartholomew (Roddy McDowell)
Rock Hudson (John Gavin)
Cary Grant (Gig Young)
Lauren Bacall (Lizabeth Scott)
Lana Turner (Mary Beth Hughes)
Maria Montez (Yvonne de Carlo)
Marilyn Monroe (Sheree North / Mamie Van Doren)
Gary Cooper (Joel McCrea)
Grace Kelly (Tippi Hedren)

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