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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Friday, February 18, 2005

The word 'Love' in the title of a book is supposed to help its sales. Here are 'a few' by romance writer Barbara Cartland:

The Wild Cry of Love / The Coin of Love / Lessons in Love / The Fire of Love / Love is Contraband / Love Forbidden / Love is an Eagle / Food for Love / Not Love Alone / The Wings of Love / The Tears of Love / The Price is Love / The Thief of Love / An Arrow for Love / Love in Hiding / Running Away to Love / The Eyes of Love / The Devil in Love / Lights of Love / Three Days to Love / Love is the Enemy / Love in Hiding / Love Me For Ever / No Time for Love / Love in the Clouds / Love in the Ruins / Armour Against Love / The Slaves of Love / The River of Love / Love on the Run / Messenger of Love / Love Holds the Cards / Passage to Love / Love, Lords and Ladybirds / Hungry for Love / Love Leaves at Midnight / The Spirit of Love / Love is Dangerous / Someone to Love / The Protection of Love / Love Under Fire / Who Can Deny Love? / Love Locked In / Never Laught at Love / Love on the Wind / The Flame is Love / No Darkness for Love / Love to the Rescue / The Mask of Love / Conquered By Love / Love is Mine / The Love in Pity / Love is Innocent / This Is Love

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