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~ Thursday, March 10, 2005

When I was in the Mid-West last year, lots of people were using the catchphrase 'Get her done'. This is apparently the catchphrase of a US comedian who has a 'redneck mechanic' alter ego. I was thinking of UK comedy catchphrases - from sitcoms and comedians and game show hosts - from the past few decades which would make little sense to other readers. So here are some UK catchphrases – most of these have entered the social fabric of British life and are well known – but they will be strange to non-UK readers (around 80% of this site's traffic comes from outside the UK):

1 Ooh Betty!
2 That's you that is!
3 Pure dead brilliant!
4 You will, you will, you will, you will
5 Suits you, sir!
6 Nice to see you – to see you – nice!
7 I have a cunning plan...
8 Shut that door!
9 Titter ye not!
10 Power to the people!
11 Rock On Tommy!
12 Naff off, Godber
13 You wouldn't let it lie!
14 Don't panic! Don't panic!
15 You plonker!
16 I don't believe it!
17 Hello I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy
18 A-ha!
19 I didn't get where I am today...
20 You dirty old man!
21 ...this play what I have wrote
22 and it's goodnight from me
23 I shall say zis only once
24 Is it because I am black?
25 What are the chances of that?!

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