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~ Friday, March 11, 2005

One of the monthly music magazines has a feature where a musician has to talk about the next seven tracks which play randomly on their Ipod / Itunes. Here's what mine threw up, out of 1319 songs:

1 Camera Obscura - Suspended From Class – a bit of Scottish indie to begin with. One of those Glasgow bands with both a male and female lead singer. I think it's good and right that they use the word 'arse' in this song as opposed to the Americanised 'ass', but the girl doesn't sound too happy singing it at all. I think everyone who played cello or a wind instrument in Glasgow schools in the 1980s is now in a tweetronica band.

2 Tristeza – Memphis Emphasis – I love Tristeza, but don't know much about them. Californian post-rock chiming guitars, like a jazzier upbeat Mogwai, they remind me of one of the great lost UK bands of the 80s – Dif Juz. This isn't one of my favourite tracks, but always good to hear.

3 In Embrace – Shouting in Cafes – probably the best remembered (if at all) song by this early 80s band, who were often compared to one of my favourite groups Eyeless in Gaza. Smooth, smoochy and camp, with a nice piano sound – it is similar in time and tune to the better known 'First Picture of You' by The Lotus Eaters.

4 And talking of Liverpool bands, the fourth song to come on is There She Goes by The La's. This song has been nominated as one of the greatest pop songs of all time, and in its simplicity and straightforwardness, yes, it probably is – Cole Porter and Phil Spector would tap their toes. Sounded good even when throttled by Jesus rockers Sixpence None the Richer.

5 The Blue Aeroplanes – Bury Your Love like Treasure – more UK indie! - I saw this band twice in the early 90s – a good live band with three lead guitars and a Pole dancer (I mean, a Polish guy who danced with them on stage). Not my favourite TBA song (that would be 'Weightless'), but redolent of that post-acid era when indie and dance met head on.

6 Red Box – Lean on Me – oh, come on! This exercise is making me out to be the retro, synth-pop indie-boy that my flatmate thinks I am! Where is the Fennesz, the O'Jays, the neo-folk, even the Petula Clark, for godsake! Mind you, I love Red Box – unashamedly bouncy. Not as good as 'For America', their great pop song, but it should have been number one hit, in the bloated, bleached jeans days of Live Aid.

7 Bjork – Hyperballad – well, it is her best song. Especially around the 3 minute mark when all the production kicks in. I love the way she pronounces 'cutlery' and sounds very Shetlandy. She has a thing about cutlery, Bjork – that bit in Birthday about 'huge spoons'.

Well, I reckon that little exercise has me damned as an aging indie-kid. Thankfully, at 38, I still fit my raincoat and have enough hair to head off now to the kitchen to find a pudding bowl and give myself a haircut.

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