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~ Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Creatures mentioned in lyrics sung by The Beatles:

1 birds (Till There Was You / Money / Dear Prudence) / bird (Free As a Bird)
2 glow-worm (Roll Over Beethovan)
3 bees (Money)
4 dog (Matchbox / A Hard Day's Night / I Am the Walrus)
5 cows (When I Get Home)
6 butterflies (It's Only Love)
7 horse (Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite)
8 walrus (I Am the Walrus / Glass Onion / Come Together)
9 pigs (I Am the Walrus) / piggies (Piggies)
10 pilchard (I Am the Walrus)
11 penguin (I Am the Walrus)
12 fish (Penny Lane)
13 bulldog (Hey Bulldog)
14 sheepdog (Hey Bulldog)
15 bullfrog (Hey Bulldog)
16 tiger (The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill)
17 elephant (The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill)
18 lizard (Happiness Is a Warm Gun)
19 blackbird (Blackbird)
20 eagle (Yer Blues)
21 worm (Yer Blues)
22 monkey (Everybody's Got Something To Hide... / Too Much Monkey Business)
23 octopus (Octopus's Garden)
24 pony (Dig a Pony)
25 canary (Bad Boy)
26 cat (Bad Boy)
27 cocker spaniel (Bad Boy)
28 duckling (So How Come No One Loves Me)
29 sheep (So How Come No One Loves Me)

And the food and drink:

1 honey (A Taste of Honey / Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby)
2 wine (A Taste of Honey / Norwegian Wood / When I'm Sixty Four / Her Majesty)
3 home brew (Rock and Roll Music)
4 peanuts (Drive My Car)
5 rice (Eleanor Rigby)
6 tangerine (Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds)
7 marmalade (Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds)
8 marshmallow pies (Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds)
9 tea (Lovely Rita)
10 cornflake (I Am the Walrus)
11 custard (I Am the Walrus)
12 semolina (I Am the Walrus)
13 cake (It's All Too Much)
14 onion (Glass Onion)
15 Coca Cola (Come Together)
16 chocolate cake (The Ballad of John and Yoko)
17 peaches (Matchbox)

All vegetarian, notice!

See also the number Savoy Truffle which mentions: crème tangerine, montelimar, ginger sling with pineapple heart, coffee dessert, Savoy truffle, cherry cream, apple tart and coconut fudge.

I've omitted most of the ones where it's obviously not the actual food / creature that is being mentioned eg rocking horse people, dove-tail joint, honey pie, moon dog, Strawberry Fields, Rocky Raccoon, the local bird-and-bee, Blue Jay Way, honey (as an endearment).

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