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~ Monday, March 28, 2005

The Boring Top Twenty

1 Being Boring by Pet Shop Boys
2 Therapy by Bored Stiff
3 The Message by Jeremy Borer
4 Little Red Rooster by Big Jesse Yawn
5 Exhausted by Eric Borelius
6 Horsey Don't Snore by Lullaby Baxter Trio
7 Back in Time by Seventh Day Slumber
8 Two Sleepy People by Frank D'Rone
9 In Dreams by Nowhere Slow
10 Tedious (Extended Mix) by Junior Murvin
11 Dreary Days and Nights by Lulu
12 I'm-A-Waking-Up by Ho Hum
13 I Grow Tiresome by SnagLoopDog
14 Drag by Drag
15 The Most Boring Song in the World by Canadian Studmuffin
16 Tired Yet by Giant Drag
17 Blah-Blah-Blah by Iggy Pop
18 Insurance by Dennis Dullea
19 Rust by Joyless
20 Lifeless Sentiments by Ice Ages

and dropping off the chart this week is..

21. Dull by Nothing More

Thanks to Jonathan for this list

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