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~ Monday, May 02, 2005

The working purposes of some dog breeds:

large game coursing (Greyhound)
reindeer herding (Samoyed / Lapphund)
deer hunting (Deerhound)
hare coursing (Lurcher)
elk hunting (Elkhound)
rabbit hunting (Basset Hound / Beagle)
boar herding (Beauceron)
sled pulling (Malamute / Husky)
fox hunting (Harrier / Foxhound)
droving (Corgi)
duck hunting (American Water Spaniel)
guarding (Dobermann / Mastiff)
monastery guard (Lhasa Apso)
gazelle hunting (Saluki)
barge guarding (Schipperke)
ratting (Welsh Terrier/ Jack Russell)
sheep herding (Puli / Border Collie / Alsatian)
game retrieving (Golden Retriever / Springer Spaniel)
raccoon hunting (Coonhound)
prayer wheel turning (Tibetan Spaniel)
badger hunting (Airedale / Dachshund)
puffin hunting (Lundehund)
waterfowl retrieving (Poodle)
tracking scent (Bloodhound)
fox worrying (Border Terrier)
cart pulling (Chow / Bernese Mountain Dog)
pulling fishing nets (Portuguese Water Dog / Newfoundland)
wolf hunting (Wolfhound / Borzoi)
carriage work (Dalmatian)
otter hunting (Otterhound / Sealyham)

Source: Dogs (B Fogle, DK)

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