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~ Friday, June 10, 2005

Some alternatives to the biblical quotation 'Physician, heal thyself!':

Fashionista, chenille thyself!
Pharmacist, pastille thyself!
Fishmonger, eel thyself!
Francophile, ville thyself!
Friar, zeal thyself!
Financier, deal thyself!
Farrier, heel thyself!
Fleshmonger, veal thyself!
Ferryman, keel thyself!
Foundryman, steel thyself!
Fusspot, ideal thyself!
Footpad, steal thyself!
Fabulist, surreal thyself!
Phlebotomist, congeal thyself!
Fowler, teal thyself!
Fruiterer, peel thyself!
Fortune-teller, reveal thyself!
Philatelist, seal thyself!
Factotum, ordeal thyself!
Flyfisher, reel thyself!
Fisherman, creel thyself!
Fitter, wheel thyself!
Footman, genteel thyself!
Farmer, oatmeal thyself!
Freelancer, piecemeal thyself!

...and, from another angle:

Carpenter, heal thy shelf!
Zookeeper, heal thy sloth!
Legolas, heal thy elf!

OK, that's (more than) enough of that.

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