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~ Monday, June 27, 2005

Some spaceship names from Iain M Banks' sci-fi novels:

The Little Rascal
The So Much For Subtlety
The Limiting Factor
The Prime Mover
The Kiss My Ass
The Of Course I Still Love You
The Just Read The Instructions
The Gunboat Diplomat
The Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence
The Flexible Demeanour
The Yawning Angel
The Sleeper Service
The Jaundiced Outlook
The Grey Area
The Killing Time
The Serious Callers Only
The Shoot Them Later
The What Is The Answer And Why?
The Use Psychology
The Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival
The Fate Amenable To Change
The Not Invented Here.

(names from The Player of Games and Excession).

Thanks to Stuart N, who points out that many of these would make good band names...

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