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~ Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What you can do with two fingers (index and middle):

1 take a pulse
2 smooth your eyelid
3 smoke a cigarette
4 pull a bow
5 make a peace sign
6 operate a finger puppet
7 cross them for luck
8 give a military salute in Poland
9 flick the Vs
10 type clumsily
11 shoot a pretend gun
12 poke an enemy in the eyes
13 make a scissors shape (to help you look for scissors)
14 wind wool or string round them
15 do rabbit's ears behind someone in a photo
16 separate strands of hair when cutting it
17 pull on a tight shoe
18 add off-spin to a cricket delivery
19 make a “quotations” sign
20 mime one horn of a charging bull
21 make a little walking man
22 signal the number two
23 measure the proper froth on some beers
or a shot of spirits
24 make a goal in tuppenny football
25 strum a bass guitar
26 pop open a press-stud
27 flick cards
28 make the scout's pledge*
29 listen in**
30 whistle loudly
31 count to two

* the fingers in the pledge are supposed to mimic wolf's ears
** I once watched four deaf-blind women, two talking in sign language on the other's hands, the other two listening in by placing two fingers on the others' wrists – enough of the conversation can be picked up just by gauging the weight of the signing

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