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~ Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Places which are said to be 'famous for two things':

Las Pinas (Philippines) - its Bamboo Organ, and the Sarao Jeepney Factory
Big Island (Hawaii) – deathplace of Captain Cook and the Kilauea volcano
St Andrews (Scotland) - Prince William and golf
Kalgoorlie (Australia) – goldmining and its red light district
Bremen (Germany) – Becks beer and trams
Havelock (NZ) – mussels and Ernest Rutherford
Jerez (Spain) – horses and sherry
Paddington (London) - its station and its bear
Capo San Vito (Sicily) – white beach and couscous
Safi (Morocco) – pottery and sardines
Heimaey (Iceland) – 1973 volcanic eruption and the annual puffling rescue*
Nha Trang (Vietnam) - Banana Split 58 and Mama Hanh's Special Boat Trip
La Boca (Argentina) – Boca Juniors football team and tango shows
Manchester (England) – Manchester United and rain
Berkeley (USA) – LSD and UNIX
Calgary (Canada) – the oil industry and the annual Stampede
Calcutta (India) – the Black Hole and Mother Teresa
Turin (Italy) – Juventus and Fiat

*Pufflings (baby puffins) are prone to diving onto roads instead of into the sea and so locals rescue them each year and release them in safe places.

Source: Google

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