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~ Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some defunct newspapers from around the world (dates are decades of closure, where known):

1 Le Temps (France 1940s)
2 The Boston Post (USA 1950s)
3 Il Progresso (Italy)
4 The Daily Mirror (Australia 1990s)
5 The Bombay Sentinel (India 1950s)
6 Daily Herald (England 1960s)
7 El Noticiero Universal (Spain c1980s)
8 The Washington Star (USA 1980s)
9 Segodnya (Russia 2000s)
10 News Chronicle (England 1960)
11 Asahi Evening News (Japan 2000s)
12 PM Daily (NYC 1940s)
13 Berliner Tageblatt (Germany 1930s)
14 El Popular (Mexico)
15 Nashville Banner (USA 1990s)
16 Today (England 1990s)
17 La Opinión (Argentina)
18 Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany 1920s)
19 Die Transvaler (South Africa 1990s)
20 Chicago Daily News (USA 1970s)
21 Budapesti Hírlap (Hungary c1950s)
22 The European (England 1990s)
23 Winnipeg Tribune (Canada 1980s)
24 Scottish Daily News (Scotland 1970s)
25 Pravda (Russia 1990s)

Source: various

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