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~ Monday, September 26, 2005

Types of rock and typical rockers:

1 punk rock (Sex Pistols)
2 roots rock (The Long Ryders)
3 glam rock (The Sweet)
4 prog rock (Yes)
5 blues rock (Cream)
6 indie rock (The Wedding Present)
7 garage rock (The Seeds)
8 space rock (Loop)
9 goth rock (Sisters of Mercy)
10 boogie rock (Canned Heat)
11 pub rock (Dr Feelgood)
12 Southern rock (Little Feat)
13 folk rock (Jethro Tull)
14 rap rock (Limp Bizkit)
15 Latin rock (Santana)
16 Christian rock (The 77s)
17 Kraut rock (Neu)
18 college rock (They Might Be Giants)
19 hard rock (AC/DC)
20 retro rock (North Mississippi Allstars)
21 psychedelic rock (13th Floor Elevators)
22 frat rock (The Kingsmen)
23 soft rock (Chicago)
24 country rock (The Eagles)
25 noise rock (The Boredoms)
26 art rock (King Crimson)
27 acid rock (Iron Butterfly)
28 post-rock (Labradford)
29 heartland rock (Blue Rodeo)
30 arena rock (Journey)
31 math rock (Chavez)
32 hair rock (Poison)

NB – only genres which generally contain the word 'rock' are here; some of these genres have crossovers with others; some genre names are more pejorative than definitive

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