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~ Saturday, October 15, 2005

Some people's suggestions for the 'best thing that I ever tasted':

1 treacle sponge
2 Key West lobster
3 mashed potatoes
4 Korean black pork
5 pear bread pudding
6 pork belly with sea scallops
7 fresh deer liver
8 peanut butter chocolate pie
9 iskender (Turkish kebab with yoghurt)
10 oven-fresh bread with butter
11 Montezuma drinking chocolate with rum
12 shrimp bisque
13 strawberry shortcake donuts
14 rainbow trout
15 spaghetti bolognaise
16 mahi-mahi fajitas
17 lychee oolong tea
18 yellowfin tuna with sesame and ponzu sauce
19 crab gnocchi
20 chuk chuk balls (small Russian cakes)
21 pulled pork shoulder sandwiches
22 bacon and egg ice cream
23 Hood strawberries (a rare variety)
24 baked potato soup
25 maple fudge
26 stuffed beef tenderloin
27 chili, guava and mago coleslaw
28 wild mushroom risotto croquettes
29 date shake
30 alligator tail

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