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~ Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some old fish liver dishes from the Shetland Isles:

Haggamuggi - The stomach of a fish filled with hashed livers and sunds (air bladders) and boiled.

Krampus - Sillock (a small fish) livers melted in a frying pan and mixed with bere burston (roasted corn with sour milk).

Kroppen - Fish liver and meal thoroughly mixed and seasoned, stuffed into a fish head and boiled (in the rest of Scotland, called crappit heids ie stuffed heads)

Krus - A piece of oatmeal dough made in the shap of a cruse (small bowl) filled with livers and baked on the hearth.

Liver-flakki - Two speldit, suket piltiks (small, smoked fish), laid together with livers between them and roasted on the hearth

Mugildens - Piltiks or silliks roasted with their livers inside them.

Sangster - A bruni (a sort of scone) made of sillik livers and bere burston (see above).

Source: A Glossary of the Shetland Dialect, JS Angus

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