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~ Friday, March 24, 2006

The real names of the Marx Brothers:

Zeppo Marx - Herbert
Harpo Marx - Adolph (changed to Arthur)
Chico Marx - Leonard
Groucho Marx - Julius
Gummo Marx - Milton

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And what their names should have been had they starred in...

a spaghetti western: Taco Marx / Poncho Marx / Bronco Marx / Gaucho Marx / Amigo Marx

a horror flick: Pyro Marx / Torso Marx / Romero Marx / Psycho Marx / Cujo Marx

a Warhol film: Nico Marx / Slo-mo Marx / Dallesandro Marx / Gonzo Marx / Narco Marx

a romance: Calico Marx / Tango Marx / Stiletto Marx / Vino Marx / Romeo Marx

a martial arts movie: Judo Marx / Kendo Marx / Dojo Marx / Sumo Marx / Budo Marx

a sci-fi film: Pluto Marx / Robo Marx / Chrono Marx / Draco Marx / Apollo Marx /

a re-make of Trainspotting: Jambo Marx / Wide-o Marx / Portobello Marx / Giro Marx / Square-go Marx

an adult movie: Porno Marx / Fellatio Marx / Gigolo Marx / Vibro Marx / Nympho Marx

a remake of Crocodile Dundee: Dingo Marx / Troppo Marx / Aggro Marx / Drongo Marx / Seppo Marx

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