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~ Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I knew it was over when...

...the judges asked about salamander DNA
...they introduced self-service petrol pumps
...I watched Tokyo burn to the ground
...I heard about how he went and started the crusades
...the younger daughter complained that her shoes were too tight every few hours for a year
...he first started dating her and described her immediately as "strong"
...he said that Gundams were sexier than Evas
...Carrie sang that patriotic-type song on Tuesday night
...I tilted it and water came pouring out
...I got a flashback of me laying in the cell, counting time
...they started passing out the 27 page Powerpoint print out
...she started chuggin' red wine at three in the morning
...the navigator left the cockpit, came back and sat down beside me best pieces were Baltic Ave. and Waterworks
...the puck left his stick
...I got tired of hanging up their clothes for them
...the colors of the roses disappeared into bleak darkness
...Jocelyn set that golden crown with its huge purple jewels on Todd’s head
...she threw the book and screamed, "I hate math!"
...I saw the zebras
...they started the bluegrass version of Hillbilly Rock
...they had that decorating fight on season one
...I heard my mother and her sisters wailing
...I saw the French flag with the beret and moustache
...I found myself trying to determine where I fell on his list of priorities in relation to ramen noodles
...I saw the Sheraton disappear in Molly's rearview mirror
...he accused the Bizarro Liberals of ripping off girl’s religious headscarves
...I began the sickening, out of control, sideways slide on the slick mud
...he took me to a monster truck rally for Valentine's day
...he stole my air and left me breathless and aching with his words
...I heard black metal bands getting pro photo shoots
...the 6th West Coast Computer Faire had more suits than freaks
...he grabbed her ass during Girlfriend In A Coma

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